P. French
If you're looking to reduce the weight of your tool bag, this tool is for you. easy to use, even easier to adjust one handed. The advantage over the more traditional adjustable spanner, which can lose a fraction of a millimetre with use is the ratchet design, set it to the desired width & it will stay there, making the job quick & easy.

Mr. P. Harvey
I regard myself as a bit of a 'tool enthusiast' and I am always on the lookout for new tools, unique tools, special tools to make my DIY projects easier. I have a collection of adjustable ratchet spanners but the Milli-Grip is the first adjustable ratchet spanner to dispense with the thumbwheel. In its place is a clamp and a serrated anvil that forms the mobile jaw. It is claimed that once the jaw width has been set, the jaws will not move unless the clamp is depressed. I love the simplicity of the design and I wonder why no one has thought of it before.

I have already used the spanner to tighten some small nuts and the claim appears to be true. However, I have found operating the clamp to be a trifle difficult. This could be because the tool is new or needs oiling. I anticipate the clamp will free up in time. I have managed to pinch the skin of my fingers several times between the body of the spanner and the sliding anvil but this was mainly due to the anvil being a little stiff to slide.

Overall I am impressed with this tool and I can forgive the initial painful experiences with using it.

Mr. S. Mintern
Very useful for the absent minded(like me) "Where's that 12,14,17 mm spanner gone? Who cares, I can use the Milli-grip!" Feels good in the hand and is well made. I thought adjustables were naff until I discovered MILLI-GRIP

T. Baker, Brighton
I gave my father-in-law the Milli-grip32 and he was very impressed with its accuracy and stability. He is a retired engineer and the high praise he gave the Milli-grip, I can assure you, does not come lightly!

Derek Fisher, Somerset
I always believed that adjustable spanners had no place in the workshop, they were only for pipe fitters and plumbers. Have bought Milli-grip adjustables and I have changed my mind. They are brilliant - beautiful quality and precise in use.

Sonya Young, Vale of Glamorgan
The Milli-grips have been absolutely fantastic! No loss of grip, easy to use and no more frustration and bad language!! My son has now pinched mine off me!

Many thanks for your polite communication and helpful advice prior to purchasing. I would not hesitate to recommend Milli-grip to people who use spanners on a daily basis or even just occasionally.

Jo Chapman, Oxfordshire
One of the best gadgets that should be in any DIYer's tool box! Really handy tool, making plumbing so much quicker and easier. - We plumbed in all our water under floor heating with it, making a job that normally requires lots of juggling of different spanners hassle free!

Karen Alliston from Burleigh
Tired of ruining your horse's studs with loose or poor fitting spanners? Try the easy to use Milli-grip adjustable spanner for a secure fit!

David Yates, West Sussex
I've just finished updating a central heating system and both sizes of Milli-Grip were invaluable - no need for constantly adjusting and excellent for measuring pipe sizes. Heating installers sit up and take note, this is the way things should be!

Colin Mackenzie, Renfrew, Scotland
The 25mm Milli-grip has provided sterling service. Its efficiency and rapid adjustment have been remarked on by colleagues and visitors alike in our test bays. I'm sure the 32mm will generate similar accolades.

John Light, Saulges, France
I've been using the 25mm Milli-grip for 3 years and it's always at the top of my toolbox. It's really quick to use as I can hold and adjust it with one hand. I've just done all the plumbing in our house with the 32mm model.

Gill Harris, Lewisham, London
The Milli-grip is invaluable as it fits exactly all the different size nuts on our boat engine - great when you're wedged in a tight space as you don't need to keep changing spanner. The exact fit means no more grazed knuckles either!