Will the ratchet wear out?
In all the many thousands we have sold, we haven't had one single Milli-grip returned where the ratchet has worn out.

Should I do anything to look after my Milli-grip?
To keep your Milli-grip in prime working order, we suggest putting a few drops of oil on the teeth of the bottom jaw from time to time.

How strong is it?
Milli-grip is a quality tool, made from high strength chrome vanadium. It has been tested to 295 lbs/feet of torque or, if you prefer, 400 Newton metres, and should stand up well to a wide range of jobs. It isn't, however, designed to be used as a hammer!  

Can I use the Milli-grip on imperial nuts and bolts, or on AF or Whitworth sizes?
The Milli-grip is precision engineered, and the two current models, Milli-grip25 and Milli-grip32 , are designed to fit metric sizes. This is because the ratchet system, which gives it speed and precision, works in increments of one millimetre. A separate model, which will work in increments of 1/16 th of an inch, is currently under development.


Ian HarrisonIan Harrison, a retired college lecturer in both history and fluid logic, was working in the mid 1990s on the exhaust of his car when, not unusually, his adjustable spanner slipped. On seeing his bleeding knuckles and hearing his furious language, his wife suggested: why not invent an adjustable spanner that won't slip? And that's just what he did.

With the design fine-tuned through various prototypes, the invention has become the Milli-grip: a set of open-ended metric spanners in one precision tool.

Fully patented, the product has been received extremely well, winning gold medals two years in succession at the British Invention Show, for both product design and innovation.

  As easy as 1 - 2 - 3
British Invention Awards Medal
ULL back the release button PUSH up the jaw JOB DONE!
PULL back the release button PUSH up the jaw JOB DONE!