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With its revolutionary ratchet system, Milli-grip eliminates the problems inherent in the worm-gear design of the traditional adjustable spanner. We're all familiar with the way it can open up in use, rounding nuts and bolts and damaging knuckles.

In an easy, one-handed operation the Milli-grip adjusts to a precise fit in a fraction of the time it takes to open and close the old fashioned adjustable spanner. Designed for both right and left-handed users, once locked on to the required nut or bolt it cannot alter its setting during use.

There are currently two metric models available. Each with the traditional 8" (200mm) handle, Milli-grip25 has jaws opening up to 25mm for everyday jobs, whilst Mill-grip32 goes up to a full 32mm for chunkier work. For plumbers it'll easily cope with a 22mm compression joint, while campers and caravanners will find it handy for opening the valve on a Calor gas bottle.

An imperial model is under development, so all those classic car and bike enthusiasts will be able to take full advantage of the Milli-grip too.

For anyone who uses an adjustable spanner this is a must buy!

For all enquiries please contact our distributor, Monument Tools.

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British Invention Awards Medal
ULL back the release button PUSH up the jaw JOB DONE!
PULL back the release button PUSH up the jaw JOB DONE!